2.5 Gallon Chemical Jug with Locking Cap



  • Translucent polyethylene jug allows visibility of product levels
  • Product level markings in gallons and liters
  • Optional stainless steel rack, designed for easy cleaning
  • Optional integrated suction fittings for 1/4 in. I.D. hose, with draw tube for chemical pickup

Includes our Locking Cap with these great features:

  • Durable, corrosion-resistant polypropylene, polyethylene, and stainless steel construction
  • Metal-detectable universal key with hole for lanyard or keychain
  • Tamper-resistant – designed to withstand attempts to force open with other tools
  • Color coding options:
    • Lid – 5 colors (WH, BL, GN, YL, RD)


J2.5LI and J5LI Chemical Jugs with Locking Caps


2.5 gallons (9.46 liters)


Jugs with suction fitting option include fittings for 1/4 in. (6.4 mm) inside diameter hose


40-100˚F (4.4-37˚C)


Chemical products used with this equipment must be formulated for this type of application and compatible with unit materials and pump seals. For more information on chemical compatibility, consult the manufacturer or SDS for your product or contact our customer service department.

J2.5LI Natural (standard) Not included (standard) Not included (standard)
Blue (BL) Included (S) Included (R)
Green (GN)
Red (RD)
Yellow (YL)


Add option codes to item number as shown.  For standard options, no option code is needed.  Examples:

  • J2.5LI (standard unit with natural locking cap)
  • J2.5LIYLS (unit with yellow locking cap and suction fitting)
  • J2.5LISR (unit with locking cap, suction fitting, and rack)
  • Chemical jug with locking cap
  • Jugs with locking cap option only: Key for chemical jug cap
  • Jugs with suction fitting option only: Suction fitting for 1/4 in. (6.4mm) inside diameter hose
  • Jugs with rack option only: Stainless steel rack with mounting hardware
  • User manual

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