Wall Mounted Fog Unit


Wall mounted, electricity powered, pre-mix fog system. Up to six nozzles per control box, repeat cycle timer, and adjustable tips for aiming fog.



  • designed as odor control for dumpsters
    • can also be used for dust suppression, sanitizing, pesticides, and humidification.
  • repeat cycle timer for measured output of chemistry
  • higher output pressure than FOG-IT4
  • repeat cycle timer
  • quick-change pump
  • adjustable tips for aiming fog
  • toggle switch activation
  • runs on electricity
  • up to 6 nozzles per control box (depending on nozzle type)


Wall Mounted Fog Unit

Operation Manual

Wall Mounted Fog Unit - User Manual

power type


chemical pickup type

draws from pre-mixed solution

number of products unit can draw from

one product

suction line length/diameter

8 ft. (2.4 m) hose with 3/8 in. (9.5 mm) inside diameter

output distance

3-5 ft. (0.9-1.5 m)

output volume

6.4 oz/min (0.23 l/min) per nozzle

flow rate*

6.4 oz/min (0.23 l/min) per nozzle

pump seals


timer operation type

repeat cycle

droplet size

very fine

nozzle type

hollow cone spray tip

number of nozzles

one control box can support up to 30 nozzles

distance from nozzles to control box

the combined distance between the control box and the nozzle(s) must equal 200 ft. (61 m) or less

tubing/fitting sizes

designed for use with 1/4 in. (6.4 mm) outside diameter tubing between control box and nozzle(s)

*dilution rates and flow rates given are based on chemical with viscosity of water and factory air pressure settings

liquid temperature range

40-100°F (4.4-37°C)

electrical requirements

120 VAC at 60 Hz, 2 amps (GFCI protected outlet)

operating voltage

120 VAC

chemical compatibility

Chemical products used with this equipment must be formulated for this type of application and compatible with unit materials and pump seals. For more information on chemical compatibility, consult the manufacturer or SDS for your product or contact our customer service department.

  • complete unit with 4 nozzles

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