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30 Gallon Smart Foam Unit


30 gallon air-powered, portable, pre-mix foam unit with a smart foam wand. Configurable with Viton, Kalrez, or Santoprene seals and lid color options.



  • equipped with Smart Technology
    • safer to store and maintain
    • protects user and surroundings from chemical exposure in the event of a fall or accident
    • gives you more control and flexibility
    • easy ON/OFF operation
    • handle and wand are tough but lightweight, with fan tip and built-in zero tip
  • draws from pre-mixed solution
  • powered by compressed air
  • no assembly required
  • hinged back plate provides tool-free access to components
  • quick-change pump
  • natural color tank for easy visibility of product levels
  • hinged lid
  • color coding options:
    • lid – 7 colors (BK, BL, GN, YL, RD, PL, OR)
  • integrated hose hangers
  • front-facing drain
  • in-line strainer to protect pump from debris
  • anti-kink hose protection
  • includes smart handle extension attachment (item number: SM-EA) – helps users foam the underside of equipment and other hard-to-reach areas


30 Gallon Smart Foam Unit

Operation Manual

30 Gallon Smart Foam Unit

power type

compressed air

chemical pickup type

draws from pre-mixed solution

number of products unit can draw from

one product


30 gallons (113.6 liters)

discharge hose length/diameter

30 ft. (9.1 m) bonded hose, with 5/8 in. (15.9 mm) and 1/4 in. (6.4 mm) inside diameters

discharge wand/tip type

ultra high molecular weight (UHMW) polyethylene handle and wand, with 65˚ fan tip and built-in zero tip

output distance

8-12 ft. (2.4-3.7 m)

output volume

WITH ZERO TIP: 20-32 gal/min (75-121 l/min) of foam

WITH FAN TIP: 20-32 gal/min (75-121 l/min) of foam

flow rate*

2 gal/min (7.6 l/min)

pump seals

Santoprene, Viton, or Kalrez

wheel type


*dilution rates and flow rates given are based on chemical with viscosity of water and factory air pressure settings.

compressed air requirements

40-80 psi (3-5 bar) with 5-10 cfm (141-283 l/min)

liquid temperature range

40-100˚F (4.4-37˚C)

chemical compatibility

Chemical products used with this equipment must be formulated for this type of application and compatible with unit materials and pump seals. For more information on chemical compatibility, consult the manufacturer or SDS for your product or contact our customer service department.

FI-30N Santroprene (standard) SM
Viton (V)
Kalrez (K)


Add option codes to item number as shown.  For standard options, no option code is needed.  Examples:

  • FI-30N-SM (standard unit with Santoprene pump seals)
  • FI-30NV-SM (unit with Viton pump seals)

other available options:

  • color coding – lid
  • complete unit with discharge hose and wand
  • smart handle extension attachment (item number: SM-EA) - helps users foam the underside of equipment and other hard-to-reach areas.
  • user manual


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