Brand Guidelines

i. brand narrative

Guided by the spirit of innovation for more than 30 years, FOAMit helps keep it clean by designing, building and shipping quality chemical management and application equipment around the world that delivers exceptional customer experiences.

Our goal is to inspire the world to make it better by showing that it’s possible to simultaneously deliver great customer experiences, create happy employees, and give back to the community in a long-term, sustainable way.

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II. purpose, mission, values

our purpose

At FOAMit, our purpose is simple: to make “it” better. “It” is the very vest company culture and customer experience possible.

our mission

We design and build the best chemical management and application equipment, supported by exceptional customer service.

our values

FOAMit values are more than just posters on the wall. We make them real every day by living in them in everything we do—from discussing the best solution to a customer’s problem to deciding who to hire on our team.

III. logo | Narrative


The FOAMit logo depicts a cleaner world partially covered in foam. The axis lines inside the globe represent chemistry. This updated design simplifies the original logo in a more refined, modern way and creates a stronger connection to our mission.

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IV. logo | Horizontal Two-Color

Horizontal Two-Color Logo | Download: JPG | PNG | SVG | PDF | EPS

Horizontal Two-Color Logo with Tagline | Download: JPG | PNG | SVG | PDF | EPS


V. logo | Stacked Two-Color

Stacked Two-Color Logo | Download: JPG | PNG | SVG | PDF | EPS

Stacked Two-Color Logo with Tagline | Download: JPG | PNG | SVG | PDF | EPS


VI. logo | icons

Two-Color Icon | Download: JPG | PNG | SVG | PDF | EPS

One-Color Icon | Download: JPG | PNG | SVG | PDF | EPS


VII. logo usage


Use the logo exactly how it is shown in this guide to maintain brand consistency.


Make any changes that damage the logo’s integrity, such as skewing or rotating the logo, changing the logo color, or adding special effects like a drop shadow or bevel.

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